Venolen plus

Tipologia medicinale
Food Supplements

Venolen plus

Area of use
Orthopedics Physiatry


VENOLEN® plus contains Alpha-gamma bioactive®,blend of µSMIN® Plus, troxerutin, standardized and extract of  Aesculus hippocastanum (bark) titraded in coumarins, microincapsulated with phospholipids to improve the bioavailability and vitamin C. µSMIN® Plus and troxerutin are flavonoids from vegetal source, the Aesculus hippocastanum supports the microcirculation functionality, the vitamin C has an antioxidant action and supports the physiological collagen formation needed for blood vessels normal function.

Recommended dose

  • 1 tablet per day


  • 30 coated tablets
Tabella ingredienti
Functional Ingredient For 1 tablet
Alpha-gamma bioactive® 839 mg
          µSMIN plus® 375 mg
          Troxerutin 300 mg
          Aesculus hippocastanum dry extract 100 mg
Vitamin C 25 mg


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