For the welfare of the legs pay attention to weight

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There are differences in vascular responses within the microcirculation of the lower limb between lean and obese individuals. To highlight a study just published in the journal Microvascular Research. Although it is always important to take care of the health of your legs, it becomes even more so in the case of obesity (BMI 30kg / m2), even more so in the hot season, in which the annoying sense of heaviness in the limbs, a typical bell alarm, it may become more intense.
Microvascular dysfunction is an early complication in cardiovascular disease linked to obesity, which can lead to changes in hemodynamic function and in the expression of endothelial cells throughout the vascular system. This study found differences in vascular reactivity within the microvascular region of the lower limb between lean and obese individuals. Therefore the invitation to follow a lifestyle that allows avoiding weight excesses which, as underlined by a growing number of researches, worsens vascular health in several aspects is renewed. Sedentary life, professions that force you to stay a long time in an upright position without walking, like bakers, hairdressers, surgeons, but also a diet too rich in calories and smoking are in fact among the main culprits of problems related to peripheral circulation. These are disorders that, particularly in the hot and humid season, translate into the sensation of swollen, tired and heavy legs. These symptoms may increase during pregnancy or after alcohol intake.
Regular physical activity and a balanced diet, with a not excessive amount of calories, and rich in fruit and vegetables, as you imagine, represent an important defense.
Extra help may come from the proper use of diosmin and troxerutin supplements, belonging to the flavonoid class.